each sorceress and wizard uses the BLUT cards according to their unique magic, so there’s not only one way to use them. intuition is the key

however, there is one ancient tradition that has trascended through the centuries and you can use it to get started:

☾˚·* take the BLUT cards and spread them on a surface with enough space (a table or the floor works perfectly) ・゚.☽

*· close your eyes for a moment and observe what comes to your mind ⋆*・゚

*✧・゚ when you have a clear idea of that thought, take your hands out and start mumbling the BLUT cards, as you think about this idea ・゚ *✧

✦。 still with your eyes closed, express this idea in a whisper and let it guide your hand to one of the BLUT cards 。・:*˚

*.✧˚·. the arcana that chose you has a message for you in the link, scan it and find out! ・。゚☆.