BABYKATZE brings a message full of nuances, harmonies and melancholy. Electronic layers, synths and samples collide with blunt rhythms, chaotic bits and a magical voice, with intense lyrics, within this minimalist synth pop project.

The powerful sensitivity radiated by BABYKATZE does so through dense and deep sonic spaces that face explicit moments of brightness and arrangements. Dark synths that intersect with hyper-luminous flashes, powerful rhythmic bases that burns the dance floor out, layers of voices, some magical and luminous, others rather spectral, take you to an oneiric world. The world of BABYKATZE. Packed with great universal themes, such as transcendence, love, destiny, the duality of the individual and existence itself in the universe.

BABYKATZE intertwines image and music creating a sometimes ethereal, sometimes chaotic, always surprising character, with a message of its own, a tremendously attractive one. With a unique live performance, her live show is mesmerizing.

Her versatility has led her to perform in a diverse array of events, from urban festivals and trendy parties, to avant-garde and rural festivals, from the craziests parties of the Spanish underground to queer festivals and new Galician talents festivals.

In 2019 she released her first single and video “New start”. Later she presented “Inner” (Seeking the Velvet), with the tracks “Eternal” and “No Fear”, published by the electronic producer Cora Novoa. In early 2020, she published her last work “Hard”, which will be presented live, allowing us to fully enter her particular universe.

BABYKATZE’s experimental pop presents a new perspective for the urban scene, a special project in which the singularity of the simple takes strength.

A heavily deep minimalistic project.